ATI Mini 14 Stock-Strikeforce Tactical Folder

Strikeforce Mini 14 Stock

ATI Mini 14 Stock

The ATI Mini 14 stock is an awesome Mini 14 tactical stock that’s ready to go. The ATI Strikeforce folding stock has a six position collapsible and folding stock, a removable cheek rest, pistol grip, and picatinny rails, making it one of the top choices for a Mini 14 tactical stock.

The six position collapsible stock gives the ATI Mini 14 Strikeforce stock a perfect fit to all shooters and the versatility to adjust the stock to the style of the shooter. The tactical folding stock allows the Mini 14 rifle to fit in smaller places or be transported more easily and can be fired in the folded position. The ATI Strikeforce stock is easily folded by depressing the large spring loaded button on the hinged portion of the stock. The hinge snaps securely in place when the stock is opened. Included with the Mini 14 tactical stock is a drop tube adaptor for use with iron sights

ATI’s Scorpion recoil pad is a great design and gives an absorbed recoil that noticeably increases the accuracy of your Mini 14. The cheek rest is an added luxury for long range shooting and although I haven’t been using mine, it does function well and provides the correct sight alignment.

ATI’s grooved pistol grip provides an awesome grip and better control for improved accuracy. The pistol grip is also very ergonomic and allows for a comfortable shooting grip. A bit of grip tape adds to grip during rain or with sweaty hands.

The picatinny rails make the ATI Tactical stock an awesome tactical stock for creating the ultimate tactical Mini 14, allowing you to add tactical lights or other Mini 14 accessories. The tactical stock comes with one 7” picatinny rail and three 2” rails (one with a sling stud).

Tapco Intrafuse Tactical Mini 14 Stock

Intrafuse Mini 14 Tapco Stock

Tapco Intrafuse Tactical Mini 14 Stock

The Tapco Intrafuse Tactical  Mini 14 Stocks are one of the best quality tactical stocks on the market for the Ruger Mini 14. Tapco has worked hard to create durable tactical products and definitely deserves its recognition.

The Tapco Tactical Mini 14 stock comes equipped with a 6 position collapsible stock(not a folding stock) with a rubber butt pad to reduce recoil. The Intrafuse Mini 14 stock boasts the best in ergonomics and perfect fit for the tactical shooter.

The Tapco tactical stock also fits both the Ruger Mini 14 and the Ruger Mini 30. The Tapco stock will work with the new 6.8 SPC Ruger Mini 14 as well. The stock includes 2 styles of receiver extensions. The straight style extension is designed to be used with optics and gives the shooter the correct alignment and cheek weld for optics. The angled design is better suited for using iron sights with you Tapco stock.

The SAW style pistol grip provides a consistent grip while shooting and allows for storage inside the grip for additional Mini 14 accessories or cleaning supplies. This Mini 14 tactical stock is made of reinforced composite materials for durability.

The Tapco Mini 14 stocks feature a picatinny rail on the underside of the forearm under a removable cover. This allows the shooter to add forward grips and bipods to the Mini 14. The top barrel cover is equipped with an integrated rail to mount optics and other Mini 14 accessories to the rifle.

The Intrafuse Tactical Mini 14 stock is made 100% in USA, an added bonus feature! This Tapco stock will ONLY fit to rifles with serial # beginning with 181 or higher. It WILL NOT work with 180 series Mini 14 rifles. Current production Ranch Rifles with the plastic original stock will require a Mag Well Reinforcement available from Ruger.

The Tapco Intrafuse Tactical  Mini 14 Stock are truly an awesome choice for training with a Mini 14 or to transform your Ruger Mini 14 into a tactical rifle. With a name like Tapco behind it, you can’t go wrong and I can say from first-hand experience that Tapco provides excellent customer service after the sale.


Mini 14 Bullpup Stock 26.5″

Mini 14 Bullpup Stock

Mini 14 Bullpup Stock

The Muzzelite Mini 14 Bullpup Stock is a great option to reduce the length of your Mini 14 rifle.

The Mini 14 bullpup stock will reduce the overall length of your Mini 14 to 26.5”.

This bullpup stock will allow you to carry the Mini 14 with better mobility and allow you to store or conceal the Mini 14 easily. The bullpup stock is attached to your rifle and moves the action farther back into the stock. The trigger assembly is moved farther forward and the magazine well is now behind the trigger assembly. Cartridge ejection is in the rear of the stock. This setup creates a very compact Mini 14.

Mini 14 Bullpup Stock

Mini 14 Bullpup Stock

This Mini 14 bullpup stocks has fixed sights and are adjustable. Windage  is adjusted on the rear sight and elevation is adjusted on the front of the bullpup stock. The scope mount is included and attached in the carry handle of the stock.

The bullpup stock is constructed of fiberglass reinforced plastic for durability and  weight. The stock includes the allen wrench that is required for installation. The bullpup stock is designed for right handed shooters and cannot be fired left handed.

Because of the design and the magwell being positioned behind the trigger assembly, some high capacity magazines won’t clear the trigger assembly. This is definitely something to consider prior to purchasing the Muzzlelite Mini 14 bullpup stock.

Some care needs to be exercised when converting to a bullpup stock. Federal law requires an overall length of 26” for a legal rifle. Using a rifle with a shorter barrel may cause the completed rifle to be less that 26” and violate federal law. Don’t Do This!

This bullpup stock for the Mini 14 is 23” in length and would require the barrel to extend another 3”.

It is also your responsibility to check local and state laws to ensure compliance.

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