Different Stocks for Mini 14

Types of Mini 14 Stocks

Mini 14 stocks come in all shapes and sizes. It is important to choose the correct style of stock for your shooting needs. In this article we cover the most common stocks for the Mini 14 rifle.


Common Mini 14 Stocks

  1. Traditional Wood Stocks
  2. Tactical Stocks
  3. Target and Thumbhole Stocks
  4. Folding Stocks
  5. Synthetic Stocks, Synthetic refers to the material used to manufacture the stock and can fit into other categories above

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Mini 14 Hogue Stock

Hogue Mini 14 Stock, Overmolded for Quality

Hogue Mini 14 Stock

The Hogue Mini 14 stock provides an excellent grip in a quality replacement stock. Hougue’s uses a rigid fiberglass reinforced stock skeleton to provide an accurate fit and a quality construction.

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Strikeforce Mini 14 Stock

ATI Strikeforce Mini 14 Tactical Folder

ATI Strikeforce Mini 14 Stock

The ATI Mini 14 stock is an awesome Mini 14 tactical stock that’s ready to go. The Strikeforce folding stock has a six position collapsible and folding stock, a removable cheek rest, pistol grip, and picatinny rails, making it one of the top choices for a tactical stock.

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