Archangel Mini 14 Stock by Promag

Archangel Sparta for Ruger Mini 14 Stock

Archangel Mini 14 Stock

The Archangel Mini 14 Stock by Promag converts your Ruger rifle into the ultimate tactical Mini 14! This Next Generation Tactical Stock fits the Ruger Mini 14, Ruger Mini 30, and the Ruger 6.8 Ranch Rifles.

Promag’s Archangel Mini 14 stock is composed of a carbon fiber reinforced polymer for ultimate durability, balance with a lighter weight for your rifle. The buttstock features a 4 position adjustment and a 7 position adjustable cheek riser to ensure a great fit to all shooters. These adjustments allow the rifle to conform to each shooter or to different gear and clothing options.

The buttstock of this awesome mini 14 tactical stock also includes a removable recoil pad for quick and accurate follow up shots. The Archangel Sparta pistol grip also offer an integral storage compartment for cleaning items, tools, or spare batteries

The Archangel Sparta Stock includes a full length aluminum top rail allowing the user to attach a variety of sights, optics, and accessories to create a customized tactical Mini 14. The Picatinny rail height is designed to be compatible with same plane AR15 sights, making it simple to find and attach sights. The 4 integral hard points on this stock allow quick detach sling swivels to be used in a variety of carry and sling options.

The Archangel Sparta Mini 14 Stock is an amazing product for those who want a drop in solution to create the ultimate Tactical Mini 14. The design of this stock creates a  Mini 14 tactical style stock that is adaptable to any situation and any shooter.

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