Archangel Sparta Mini 14 Stock Installation

Archangel Sparta Mini 14 Stock Installation

The Archangel Sparta Mini 14 Stock installation is fairly quick and easy. The installation requires no gunsmithing.

Hopefully this video will assist you with a visual installation of the Archangel Sparta Mini 14 stock.

Cliffnote instructions based on the video provided below:

  1. Safety Check. Remove the magazine from the Ruger Mini 14. Lock bolt to rear and ensure chamber is clear.
  2. Remove rear sight of Mini-14. Use a 5/64 allen key. Rear sight will not be used after installation of Archangel Mini 14 stock
  3. Takedown the Mini 14 by using a small screwdriver to pop out the trigger guard and remove the Mini 14 trigger assembly
  4. Pull the original Ruger stock rearward and remove the barreled receiver from the factory stock
  5. Remove the heatshield from the factory Ruger stock by removing the 2 flathead screws that retain the heatshield. Then push out the stock heatshield
  6. Remove the front collar from the heatshield by bending the retaining tabs on the heatshield. See video for visual demostration. The front collar will not be used with the Archangel Sparta Mini 14 Stock
  7. Remove the heatshield handguard from the barreled receiver. Pull the rear of the handguard straight up and off the of the receiver assembly. The handguard is held in place with a retention style clip. The handguard will pull off easily
  8. Remove the Archangel Stock stock from the packaging and review the instructions. Ensure that you understand the instructions before proceeding
  9. The package will include Caliber Tags, set these to the side for now
  10. The Archangel Sparta Mini 14 tactical stock comes pre-assembled so it will be easy to see how the stock assembles together. You must disassemble the stock first. Remove the 4 screws on the stock using an allen key
  11. There are 2 screws on each side of the stock, 1 long screw and 1 short screw. The Long screws are towards the rear, near the receiver openings. The short screws are towards the front of the stock, in the forend
  12. Once all 4 screws are removed, you can disassemble the stock. Move the top rail forward to disengage the top rail from the bottom. A plastic or rubber mallet may be used to gently tap the top rail.
  13. Once the top rail has been moved forward, you can pull the top rail straight up and off of the bottom assembly by pully up near the receiver area
  14. Install the heatsheild from the Ruger Mini 14 factory stock into the Archangel stock. It should install easily in the same way as the original stock.
  15. Once the heatshield is in place in the Archangel stock, you will need to gently tap the tabs of the heatshield so they sit flush on the front of the Sparta stock
  16. Now you can install your barreled receiver. Lock the bolt to the rear on the receiver. Slide the gas block into the front of the Sparta stock, on top of the heatshield first. Then snap the receiver down into the stock. Unlock the bolt and ensure that the bolt freely slides into the Archangel stock.
  17. Install the trigger assembly by locking back the trigger plunger, then slide the trigger into the receiver. This process is the reverse of the dis-assembly.
  18. Once the trigger assembly is aligned properly, push the trigger guard up until it snaps into place
  19. Now we can install the correct caliber tab. Use the Remington .223 or Remington 6.8 for the Mini 14. Use the 7.62X39 for the Mini 30
  20. Install the upper rail of the stock by pushing it down onto the lower, then sliding it rearward as far as it will go. Again you may need to tap the upper rail with a plastic or rubber mallet
  21. Now you can replace the 4 screws. Using blue locktite will ensure that the screws do not vibrate back out while shooting.
  22. Now you can install your sights and/or optic and you are done!


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