Mini 14 Wood Stock by Revolution Stocks

Wood Mini 14 Stock Explorer Buckskin Brown

Mini 14 Wood Stock-Explorer

The Explorer Mini 14 Wood stock is a beautiful wood stock for your Mini 14. The Explorer is a tested design for current Ruger Mini 14 models. This stock features an ambidextrous profile to fit the needs of any shooter. The design profile keeps your eye directly in line with your scope or iron sights.

The flat oval forend provides excellent stability and a perfect grip when shooting offhand. The forend is wide and nearly flat on the bottom for stability when shooting from a rest or shooting bag. This appealing stock is a drop-in design for the Mini 14 and requires no gunsmithing or alterations.

The stock includes a rubber buttplate for comfortable and accurate shooting. The semi-gloss weather resistant finish will provide years of durability and exceptional appearance. The Explorer Mini 14 wood stock is sized for adults with a 13.5” length of pull and ergonomically correct grip for adults. The stock has a thick and comfortable cheekrest with a stylish rollover.

The flawless satin finish is definitely top quality. Double layer laminations on 2 tones creates an amazing vibrant color. The Explorer Mini 14 wood stock is available in a variety of colors, including Buckskin Brown and Fire-N-Ice(double layer red/gray/black),


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