Types of Ruger Mini 14 Stocks

Ruger Mini 14 stocks

Ruger Mini 14 stocks come in all shapes and sizes. It is important to choose the correct style of stock for your shooting needs. In this article we cover the most common stocks for the Ruger Mini 14 rifle.


Common Ruger Mini 14 Stocks

  1. Traditional Wood Stocks
  2. Tactical Stocks
  3. Target and Thumbhole Stocks
  4. Folding Stocks
  5. Synthetic Stocks, Synthetic refers to the material used to manufacture the stock and can fit into other categories above

Wood Stocks

Mini 14 Stocks, Wooden stockWood stocks are the original style stock for the Ruger Mini series rifles, as well as other rifles. Wooden stocks are often loved for their beautiful appearance and fond memories of the Wild West era.

Stocks created from wood serve their purpose and provide a rock solid shooting platform as well as their elegant appearance. These Ruger Mini 14 stocks are manufactured from a single cut of wood, shaped, sanded, and stained to provide a rifle stock. Stocks can be made from various types of wood, however oak and walnut are the most common. The color used to stain the wood provides character to the stock and can be customized for uniqueness. Many small businesses custom design stocks to the desires of their customers

Wood stocks are heavier that newer laminated and synthetic stocks. This weight can be a drawback or an advantage. Target shooters and hunters will find that the weight of these stocks will assist with recoil management and muzzle lift while shooting.

The physical appeal of the wooden stock is unmatched, however come with some maintenance concerns. Stocks will have to be refinished over the years and more susceptible to scratches, dents, and damage. If the maintenance is not a concern for you, a wooden stock is always a great choice.


Mini 14 Tactical Stocks

Ruger Mini 14 Tactical StockTactical stocks are the newest trend in Mini 14 Stocks. The first demand for these stocks was created by law enforcement using the Mini 14 as their choice for a semi automatic rifle. The recent tacti-cool trends in the last 10 years have also contributed to the popularity of the tactical stock.

Tactical stocks cover a broad spectrum of rifle stock styling and can be used in many different fashions. Usually equipped with a pistol grip, adjustable stock, and rails for accessories, these stocks can excel at many different functions.

The pistol grip on a tactical stock provides easy carry of the rifle, as well as functionality while reloading and manipulating the rifle. The pistol grip provides stability when handling and shooting, while allowing for quality trigger pull.

Adjustable stocks allow the shooter to customize the length of pull instantly. By depressing a button or lever, the stock can be resized. This capability provides the shooter the perfect fit for his/her size and shooting style. The rifle can be used optimally by multiple shooters, even if their style or size is different. Often times, the rear buttstock portion is also foldable.

These stocks almost always include multiple rails for tactical accessories and various sling attachment points to configure slings in different ways.


Target and Thumbhole Stocks

Thumbhole stock on Mini 14The term “Target Stock” is in the eyes of the beholder. Any stock that has features to provide a more accurate shot can qualify as a target stock. However, typically a target stock provides a thumbhole stock or pistol grip, as well as a good cheekrest for correct alignment.

Thumbhole stocks have a hole in the stock, positioned behind trigger guard to provide a pseudo pistol grip. This gives the shooter a better grip and a better grip position to provide a good trigger pull. The cheek rest lets the shooter get directly behind the iron sights or optic and gives a good cheek weld. This allows the shooter to be comfortable while aiming and shooting, as well as good sight acquisition.


Folding Ruger Mini 14 Stocks

Mini 14 Folding stockFolding stocks speak for themselves. There are many varieties of folding Ruger Mini 14 stocks and can be made from steel or synthetic materials. The ability to fold the stock of you Mini 14 reduces the length and increases portability.

Most stocks fold directly behind the receiver and decrease overall rifle length by as much as 16”. This is a huge advantage for storing your rifle in your vehicle, pack, or even on a sling while hiking. The shorter length allows the rifle to be concealed from theft while left in a vehicle. It can fit inside of a pack easier while transporting, and allow you to sling your rifle in a way that doesn’t interfere with other activities.


Synthetic Stocks

Synthetic refers to the type of material used to manufacture a rifle stock. These materials differ a bit, however are usually a form of polymer. Synthetic materials last longer, are more resistant to damage, and are lighter.

Synthetic stocks do not require any maintenance and built for tough use. The polymers last long and maintain their form in extreme climate conditions; they do not react to extreme cold or heat. The synthetic materials are lighter than wood and metal, which provides a huge advantage to anyone who carries their rifle for long distances.

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