Mini 14 Stocks, Upgrades, and Customization

Replacing your Mini 14 Stock

Why Upgrade Mini 14 Stocks?

There are many good reasons to replace your Mini 14 stock(and many times you don’t have a good reason). Sometimes we just want to tinker with our rifle or change the appearance on a whim.

So, what are the common reasons to replace your rifle stock?

  1. Customizing your Mini 14
  2. Adding Accessories
  3. Reducing Weight
  4. Building a unique rifle
  5. Replacing an old worn out stock

Customizing your Mini 14

Hunting Mini 14Many people replace the stock on a brand new Mini 14 in an effort to customize the rifle to the shooters desire or design a purpose built rifle. Mini 14 rifles have thousands of variations of accessories that can be tailored to fit the purpose of the rifle.

Varmint and Predator hunters have been customizing their Mini 14 rifles for years to create the perfect hunting rifle, using target stocks, high powered optics, and bipods. Police officers and Swat teams have opted for tactical stocks, tactical sling configurations, and quick acquisition optics for their patrol and tactical rifles. The Mini 14 is also known as the Go-to truck gun with a folding stock to aide in concealment.

Knowing the purpose of your rifle and taking the time to analyze your specific needs will ensure that you choose the best stock and good compatibility with other accessories.


Accessorizing the Mini 14

Accessorizing Mini 14Adding accessories is the favorite pastime of shooters all over the world. Sometime we get out of hand and spend more on the accessories than cost of the rifle, but hey, its fun!

Changing the stock of your rifle can change the capability of accessories in an instant. First you must consider what type of accessories you will install on the rifle and save room for accessories you find down the road.

The type and placement of accessories will determine which stock will fit your needs. The more rail options, the more versatility you have with mounting accessories and don’t forget about sling attachment points and where they are positioned.


Lightweight Rifle Stocks

Lightweight, synthetic stocks are always an awesome upgrade, even if you are not building that tactical destroyer. Synthetic stocks are always lighter than wood stocks and provide a lifetime of use with little wear.

If you prefer a traditional style rifle stock, you can still take advantage of a stock upgrade by reducing the weight. Perfect for the hunter that hikes for miles with his/her rifle or spends hours holding their Mini 14.


The One-of-a-Kind Mini 14

Custom Engraving Wood StockMaybe you really don’t have a reason to change out the stock on your rifle, but you just want something different. Create a rifle that is unique as you are!

Custom Mini 14 stocks can be expensive, so consider how important it is for you to be different. Options include buying a custom stock from a local gunsmith or stockbuilder, sanding the wood stock and refinishing it in your favorite stain color, or having a wood stock engraved with unique artwork.


Replacing your factory stock

Refinishing a Mini 14 StockEventually the time comes that your factory Mini 14 wood stock has seen its better days. You always have the option of sanding down the stock and refinishing it, however sometimes it is easier to replace it. Using a quality replacement wood stock is always a great option, but maybe it is time to upgrade or change the stock style.

Having the original stock provides value and tradition to the Mini 14, so think long and hard before chucking it in the trash and replacing it. The wood stocks can easily be sanded down, cut to length, and refinished. If you don’t trust your work, a local gunsmith can complete this process without to much cost.

For those that don’t want a single purpose built rifle, refreshing the original stock will ensure that you still have a rifle that can do a little bit of everything.


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